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Freckles Felt Fine

Freckles Felt Fine captures the heartwarming story of Freckles the goldfish and her emotionally-rich journey through new worlds, new friends, and new feelings. It is more than a fun adventure story, it is a unique tool designed to help children develop emotional intelligence and empathy. Freckles' emotions are highlighted in colorful detail on each page, with a chart in the back that features all twenty-four feelings from the story, encouraging children to learn and talk about emotions.  
Freckles' adventure was inspired by the author, Katie T. Larson's childhood days playing in Druce Lake, her adulthood journeys around the world, and her doctoral research on emotional development. The story follows a common emotional pattern that accompanies change, making this book perfect for children who:   
  • Are moving or experiencing a big change

  • Need support naming their feelings

  • Need guidance to understand others' emotions 

  • Want to track their moods

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